Integrator® Patented System

The Integrator® platform offers affordable patented key control;  that can combined with Mul-T-Lock's 7×7® standard security cylinders to create a dual level of security. The Integrator comprises a special high-precision 7-pin tumbler mechanism with a factory-ready, patented key blank that includes an oval cut. The Integrator system is an excellent choice for environments that require a comprehensive, cost-effective locking solution, together with high key security standards.


  • Extensive Master Keying, Capabilities,
  • Supports a Range of Mul-T-Lock Products
  • Unique, High Precision Seven-Pin Tumbler Mechanism


  • Key Control Platform
  • Locking Elements Include Unique, Patented Pins
  • Cost Effective, Patented Locking
  • Key Order Cards for Enhanced Key Control


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