MT5+ Patented System

MT5+ keys combine patented technology and advanced key control for enhanced security. Telescopic pins create a dual shear line while the innovative, patented Alpha Spring located at the tip key, engages a unique pin at the rear of the locking mechanism to create an additional shear line for enhanced intrusion resistance.

The side-bar mechanism also allows for millions of possible combinations making MT5+ an ideal choice for complex keying needs. In addition, MT5+ keys control unauthorized key duplication via a coded magnetic duplication card – which can only be read by a dedicated Mul-T-Lock key cutting machine at an authorized locksmith.


  • Comprehensive Keying Options:
    • Master Key Systems
    • Keyed Different
    • Keyed Alike
    • 3-In-1 Keying
    • Flex Control Keying
  • Meets Toughest International Standards — Compliant with Standards Such as EN1303, SKG, VDS and UL
  • Limits Unauthorized Duplication — Through Unique Magnetic Strip Key Order Cards


  • 5Th Generation High Security Platform
  • Multiple Locking Elements Including the Including the Patented Alpha Spring
  • Pick, Drill and Bump Resistant
  • Magnetic Strip Key Order Cards for Enhanced Key Control


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