WatchLock GPS Padlocks

WatchLock® is a unique combination of a high security padlock with GPS locating system and cellular based communication capabilities which provides real-time event and location information through email, text message and web based applications. A robust and intelligent padlock, which both guards and reports, WatchLock is ideally suited to secure a wide variety of properties and possessions.
WatchLock adds increased security to both mobile and stationary applications including containers, vehicles, machinery, warehouses, ports, military bases, industrial areas, cell towers, water wells and much more by serving as your own portable gatekeeper.


  • Ul437 Listed for Pick and Drill Resistance
  • SMS or E-Mail Alerts & Reports For:
    • “I Am Alive” or Tracking
    • Opening / Closing
    • Location (Including In/Out of “Geo Fence”)
    • Missing Reporting on the Predefined Schedule
    • Low Battery
    • Impact (Optional)
  • User-Friendly Application, You can Define:
    • the Name of the Watchlock
    • Network Information
    • Frequency of Location Check and Scheduled Reporting
    • Define “Geographical Fences” (if Relevant)
    • the Destination for Sending Alerts (Email / SMS)
  • All can Also Be Done in a Batch Mode


  • Provides Real-Time Information
  • Robust First Line of Defense for Protecting Valuables
  • Ability to Define and Schedule Alert Information
  • Reliable and Functional with a Worldwide Coverage
  • Saves Cost, Time and Physical Intervention, with Remote Monitoring Capabilities
  • Choice of Communication Device – Cell Phone, Pc, or Tablet


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