CLIQ® E-Cylinders

Mul-T-Lock's CLIQ E-Cylinder & Smart Key platform let you add access control features to any opening – even doors that are difficult or impossible to wire. CLIQ E-Cylinders allow you to program them to only accept authorized Smart Keys (authorizations and schedules for which can be updated as often as needed). Audit trail reports also let you see when a lock was accessed as well as which key accessed or even attempted to access it.


  • Combined Electronic and Mechanical High Security
  • Available in Multiple Mul-T-Lock Key System Platforms
  • Wire-Free, Low-Cost, Easy Installation in Minutes
  • Sole Power Source Contained in Key Head (Standard Watch Battery)
  • Non-Volatile Memory
  • Time/Date Stamped Audit Record for Up to 10000 Operations (Attempted & Successful)
  • Cylinders Hold Loak and Louk and Store Normal and Foreign Audit Trails
  • Web-Based Software Allows Programming & Audit Trail View from anywhere:
    • Authorization Updates
    • Time Schedules
    • Deactivation of Keys
    • Audit Trail
  • Wall Mounted and Mobile Pds for Easy Key Authorization Updating
  • E-Mail Notifications of Programming Updates for Users and Administrators


  • Easy, Inexpensive Installation w/ No Hardware or Door Modifications
  • Brings Access Control Features to Areas Difficult or Impossible to Wire
  • Smart Keys Work Mechanical Cyllinders as Well, So Upgrades can Be Gradual & Selective
  • Admin can View Audit Trail and Make Key Changes from anywhere
  • Users Receive Email Notifications to Update Keys and Admin When Updates are Made
  • Wall & Mobile PDs Act as a Refreshing Device So Keys can Expire Frequently
  • Audit Trail Enhances Accountability


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